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Should your purchase fail to meet your expectations, we are dedicated to providing assistance to rectify the situation.

We extend the option of refund or exchange within the initial 14 days of SAAS software following the reception of your item(s). Kindly note that after this specified period, requests for refunds or exchanges will not be accommodated.

Regarding digital downloadable products, refunds are generally not available due to the irrevocable nature of these items.

Please be advised that failure to comply with the following guidelines may result in permanent blacklisting and disqualification from future purchases at

– Submitting excessive return requests relative to purchases made.
– Refraining from soliciting support assistance or abusing customer service resources.
– Given our practice of collective purchasing for higher-priced products, we recommend opting for store credit exchanges for a swift and mutually beneficial resolution.

Should you encounter any hurdles in retrieving or accessing our products, we encourage you to reach out to us for prompt assistance.

Before seeking a reimbursement for a purchased item, we recommend undertaking certain measures to potentially resolve the issue without resorting to a refund. These steps encompass acquainting oneself with the installation instructions and pertinent documentation of the item, perusing through the item’s comments section for potential solutions, reaching out to our Support team for specialized assistance, confirming that the item aligns with its designated function and purpose specified in the description – this includes verifying compatibility with your browser software version, exploring our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for pertinent troubleshooting, and acquainting oneself with our Refund Policy to determine eligibility criteria.

We retain the authority, at our discretion, to curtail or refuse refund requests if we suspect misuse of refund policies, encompassing but not exclusive to the subsequent circumstances:

– Dissatisfaction post-download
– Product falling below your expectations
– A change of mind on your part
– Accidental purchase
– Lack of proficiency to utilize the purchased item
– Inability to access the item due to removal (We advocate timely downloading and saving upon purchase).
– Claiming refund entitlement without substantiating reasons.

Request for Refund:

We extend the option for exchanges or cancellations on SAAS software’s, inert, irreparable, or undelivered goods within a fortnight from the initial purchase. Should you desire to initiate an exchange, please reach out to us promptly. Following thorough review by our Customer Service Team, an appropriate resolution will be determined.

Several things should be noted when returning an item bought from

1. You are granted a 14-day window to return the purchased item from the reception date.
2. Due to the inherent characteristics of the products sold, the cancellation of orders encompassing digital downloadable commodities is typically not offered.
3. Exceptionally, if we are unable to rectify a defect encountered by the vendor, a refund may be sanctioned. This course of action is strictly confined to instances of insuperable defects and not applicable in any other scenario.

4. If a customer initiates a dispute or charge back with the payment processor sans affording us a fair chance for intervention, it is deemed an unethical and provoking act. Such actions may result in the permanent revocation of the client’s access to our support services and licenses, with potential blacklisting to follow.

5. Should a client petition a refund through the payment processor without justifiable cause, we shall contest the request with the payment gateway provider by submitting comprehensive evidence refuting the validity of the refund claim.

6. Purchasing and subsequently requesting a refund for a significant portion of your acquisitions contravenes our established protocols. Customers found engaging in such behavior may face repercussions in the form of account restrictions or cessation.

To initiate a refund:

– Navigate to and access your Account section, then proceed to the Orders tab.
– Choose the specific order number corresponding to the item for which you seek a refund.
– Submit your Refund Request through the designated email address.

Provide essential information such as your email, order ID, product name, and elaborate on the rationale behind your refund request. Finally, click the Send button to dispatch the request. Following our scrutiny of your submission, we will reach out regarding the refund procedure, aiming to expedite the process as efficiently as feasible.

Refunds are typically finalized within a span of 1 to 5 working days subsequent to the submission of your refund request, provided it meets the criteria for reimbursement. Whenever feasible, reimbursements will be remitted to the payment processor used during the transaction. Nevertheless, there might be certain payment modalities where this practice is infeasible, or there could be scenarios where it is unattainable to refund the amount to your initial payment method (e.g., defunct accounts). Should we encounter any impediments in refunding the sum to your original payment mode, the funds will be credited to your points.

Kindly be advised that it may take up to 20 days for the refund to manifest in your bank account or on your card, contingent on the processing time of your financial institution.

Our objective is to promptly address all queries within a 48-hour time frame, barring any disruptions due to holidays, in which case there may be a slight delay. Should you not have received a reply from us, please do not hesitate to send a subsequent message.

Our Operational Hours:

– Support is available during regular business hours, based on GMT-5, five days from Monday through Friday.  However, during the weekend we do create accounts for SAAS software’s to ensure you get your software in a timely manner.
– Please note that we are not available during  public holidays.


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